Dental Implants As a Means To Replace Lost Teeth

Tooth Loss

Missing teeth can be discouraging for someone, regardless of age. Teeth are a large part a person’s day. Everyone uses his/her teeth to talk, eat, and convey emotions like smiling. Losing one more teeth will affect the way in which a person communicates and behaves. Self confidence is altered, smiling is masked, and one does not feel quite like him/herself when teeth are missing. This is true from young teenagers to adults of any age. When loss of teeth is experienced due to tooth decay, injury, or any other reason, it is wise to visit an experienced and trusted periodontist who will offer his/her expertise and discuss a solution.

a picture of a clear plastic casting with teeth and an implant placed in the front

This Casting Is Used Around Our Office To Demonstrate To Patients How The Implant Is Placed.

Dental Implants

One solution that offers amazing results in a quick manner is dental implants. Dental implants have a long list of advantages that will demonstrate its effectiveness as a method of replacing natural teeth. For starters, dental implants are the closest to natural teeth as dentists can provide patients when it comes to tooth replacement. The implant functions much like a natural tooth, as well. The implants allow patients to maintain their facial bone and facial structure because they are directly implanted into the bone. The implants are affixed to the jaw bone allowing the tooth to convey chewing force to the surrounding bone. The implants can be inserted at the very time the natural tooth is removed resulting in little recovery time.

The implanted tooth or teeth look, feel, and function like regular teeth. The titanium material of the implant makes the teeth durable for years to come. Patients are able to eat, chew, and speak with no pain or discomfort. There are no limitations on foods because the implants are anchored into the bone, so there is no concern about tooth weakness. Patients do no have to worry about adhesive to hold teeth in place or worry about the teeth falling out while eating or speaking. Along with no adhesives to worry about, patients do not have to worry about removing the teeth to clean and preserve them. Implants require typical teeth cleaning. Implants simply require brushing twice a day and flossing.

Restored Confidence

The natural feel and look of the implants provide patients with their confidence again. They do not have worry about an embarrassing moment because their teeth slipped out of their mouth. Plus, they can live their life with no hesitation. Dental implants can provide all of this to patients with one or missing teeth.

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