Gum Disease Laser Treatment

person holding a laser gum therapy tool

A New Way To Treat Gum Disease.

If you were to ask anyone how they felt about going to their dentist for gum disease treatment, most would tell you it was extremely painful and took a long time to heal. This may have once been true since the only way to remove the damaged and infected tissue was to surgically cut it away. This left a large open wound that often required stitches to close and weeks to heal. At Anthem Laser Gum Therapy, this procedure is no longer used for every patient with periodontal disease.

Moving on from the Old Ways

As with many other aspects of modern life, dental treatments such as those for gum disease have been affected by the rapid advancement of technology. Today your dentist is more likely to eschew the old school scalpel in favor of a powerful, highly focused laser. While this form of gum disease treatment has actually been in existence since the early 90’s, it is only in the past few years that it has come out of relative obscurity.

During the past few decades a number of different lasers have been developed for use in the treatment of gum disease. However, to date only one has received FDA approval for use in treating periodontal disease. The type that has been approved is the PerioLase as it not only has the best properties of any laser currently developed, but also has a long proven track record of success.

Going in Deep

When you come in for laser gum disease treatment, a fiber approximately the diameter of three human hairs will be inserted under the infected gum tissue beside your teeth. A narrow-wavelength laser pulse is applied to the damaged tissues, destroying damaged tissue, killing bacteria, and making the calculus (tartar) easier to remove from your tooth.

The laser removes all signs of infection and bacteria, it then cauterizes the wound leaving behind nothing but healthy tissue. The dentist then rinses all debris out of the area to allow for healthy gum tissue to reform and seal to the tooth. The net result is a successful gum disease treatment that removes all traces of the disease and leaves you with healthy teeth and gums.

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