What Are The Advantages Of The All On Four Dental Implant?

animation of an all on four dental implant

In recent year periodontists have developed a new method of dental implants for those who have lost or are in the process of losing all of their upper or lower teeth. Known as the “all on four” dental implant, this new technique offers a number of advantages over the more traditional method of installing dental implants.

Same Day Smile

Perhaps the single most important advantage of all on four dental implants in comparison to traditional implant is time. With traditional implants you often have days if not weeks of healing time for the numerous implant studs installed. With the all on four method, only four studs need to be installed in each jawbone. In the vast majority of cases, the patient will walk out of their periodontist’s office with their new smile in place

A Permanent Solution

Standard dentures are designed to be temporarily held in place with a gum strip or denture adhesive. They are intended to be removed at the end of the day for cleaning and safety. All on four implants offer a permanent, non-removable solution and one which will not shift inside of the patient’s mouth during eating or talking.

Normal Dental Hygiene

All on four dental implants become a permanent part of the patient’s mouth. They can be taken care of in exactly the same manner as a person’s natural teeth. Regular brushing, flossing, and the use of a good quality dental rinse are all that is needed. They never need to be removed for cleaning as regular dentures require.

A Strong Bite

One complaint many standard denture wearers often voice, is one of not being able to eat certain foods. In many cases this is simply due to the loss of bite strength, partly caused by gum pain upon biting down. Many of those patients who have all on four implants state they have fully regained their bite strength and can once again enjoy eating their favorite foods.


As long as the patient continues with a healthy dental hygiene practice, all on four dental implants will last for many decades. It is quite possible for them to last a lifetime with the right level of care. From an instant smile to new teeth which can last a lifetime, these are the best implants periodontists have to offer.

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