Why Get Dental Implants?


dental implants at anthem periodontics

As the front desk manager at Anthem, I am very aware of how feeling that I am looking good, can impact on my general confidence. This is why I always enjoy it when clients are scheduled for dental implants, because I know that they will walk out happy and much more confident once they have had it done.

Dental implants have so many benefits that they should really always be considered when you need to replace a tooth that is ailing or already missing. It is a tried and tested method, and has been used for replacing missing teeth for over 50 years. Periodontists and dentists know that they are more reliable than resin bonded bridges, bridgework or root canal (endodontic) treatments.

Dental implants have a number of advantages over other tooth replacement methods. Firstly, adjacent teeth do not need to be ground down like in the case of a tooth-supported fixed bridge, so you don’t run the risk of damaging other teeth. Because a dental implant is integrated with your jawbone it also ensures that all tooth rot is removed and the bone is kept intact, while a bridge could lead to a situation where some of the bone that surrounded the original tooth before, could start to deteriorate. Thirdly, gums could draw away around a bridge, and the cement that was used to hold the bridge, can weaken and start to come undone. This could lead to bacteria infecting and decaying the teeth anchoring the bridge. I can also tell you that a dental implant is easier to keep clean. Lastly – a dental implant looks and functions like a natural tooth, so nobody will even know you have had one put in!

I’m sure you already knew that replacing missing teeth is important to the health of your other teeth. Open spaces between teeth could very well cause other teeth to tip or decay as well. On the more practical side, it is definitely tougher to eat when a tooth is lost. Moreover, though, gaps left by lost teeth also lead to poor appearance and loss of self-esteem. At Anthem, we want to help you look your best, dental implants are one way of improving your smile!

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