What To Expect At Your First Appointment With A Periodontist

Las Vegas PeriodontistSome people are more nervous about dental appointments than others. We understand this, and as the front desk person at this practice I can confidently tell you that we all perform our tasks with compassion and care for our patients, coupled with periodontal expertise.

Your first appointment with our doctor will include a welcome and introduction, and of course a chat about your dental and overall health history. We will not rush anything, but we will keep your schedule in mind! Then we will go over to the examination of your teeth so that we can give you feedback and recommendations, as this is what you came to us for in the first place!

You will have given your doctor some info by the time we start the examination, which will obviously be taken seriously and looked at. A full periodontal assessment could include some or all of the checks (and recording of the results) below:

  • A thorough oral cancer screening, which is routine with all our examinations due to the truth that oral cancer has a low survival rate if detected too late, but is curable if detected early enough.
  • Checking for missing, moved, loose or damaged teeth, damaged crowns and fillings, and how they can be treated
  • A saliva and bacteria test
  • Gum assessments like receded gum per tooth, bleeding and infection
  • Tooth evaluations like tooth and exposed roots wear
  • Bite considerations like bite function, movement, trauma, a measurement of your maximum bite opening and A bone assessment to check for damage between the roots of your teeth
  • A jaw and bite muscle check, including verification that you don’t suffer from TMJD (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction; a condition that causes pain because of dysfunction of the muscles that move the jaw as well as/or the joints that connect the jawbone to the skull.)
  • An evaluation of possible dental vulnerability due to genetic factors

Apart from these evaluations (or in order to perform some of them), your doctor might need to take some x-rays and photograph the inside of your mouth and also your face. This will help your doc to acquire study models to work with and provide you with an accurate diagnosis. A treatment plan for your specific needs will then be developed and the plan of action that needs to be followed, will be shared with you. And then, keeping your desires and possible constraints in mind, work will start and you will be well on your way to a healthy, gorgeous smile!


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