Dentures That Let You Eat Whatever You Want? Yes Please!

All on 4 replaces your pesky dentures

All On 4 Replaces Your Dentures

If you are dealing with the loss of several teeth, it is not only uncomfortable but also embarrassing. You’ve been thinking about getting dentures but you don’t want to deal with the maintenance and give up the foods you love. Dental implants are an option but since only one tooth can be done at a time and the process takes several months, it’s almost easier to do nothing at all. That’s where the All-On-Four procedure comes in.

All-On-Four technology allows an entire new arch to be implanted on just four posts. Even patients who were told that they weren’t candidates for dental implants may be able to enjoy an All-On-Four prosthetic because the posts are implanted at an angle and do not require as much bone as a traditional implant.

Unlike traditional denture wearers, you will still be able to enjoy your favorite foods and maintain your sensitivity to hot and cold. In fact, they are so natural that you’ll almost forget that they aren’t the teeth you were born with. They’ll never slip or slide thanks to their implant technology.

Although your initial investment is higher in the beginning, you will actually save money in the long run when you don’t need to buy expensive cleaners and adhesives. As an added bonus, they will never require to be relined. All you have to do is brush and floss as you would with your natural teeth.

There’s no reason to hide your smile due to missing teeth any longer. We have several solutions to restore your mouth to its former beauty. If cost is an issue, we even offer several financing options to help you get the procedure that’s best for you. You’re just one call away from your new smile. Schedule your appointment today!

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